What brand of cereal has won the favors of the public ? What end has not been privileged ? Netflix communicates the numbers and enthusiasm for the future of the stories interactive. Netflix Netflix, and the numbers have always been a tricky subject, and even an open secret, the giant of the streaming not being particularly partageur, except for advertising of historical records. Only the firm has decided to communicate more with Bandersnatch, the episode interactive Black Mirror.

On the biggest day of Stefan”s life, over 60% of his friends from the future fed him Frosties.— Black Mirror (@blackmirror) 17 January 2019

As a logical consequence after having shared our choice on the social networks, Netflix decides to offer a small return of experience in providing some figures on the tracks favoured or neglected. Thus, we learn that more than 60% of the users have preferred the Frosties with Sugar Puffs or that 73% have chosen to accept the work Tuckersoft. More interesting, was revealed on Twitter the end the least popular :

Relax. It’s hard to predict the future!

And it’s even more difficult to change the past.

Out of the 5 main endings, the one where Stefan goes on the train with his mum *fights tears* was the path least traveled.https://t. co/NhxbbmSzZj — NX (@NXOnNetflix) 17 January 2019

A priori, the users do not have privileged emotion. In fact, no redemption for Stefan, the end, where he joined his mother to take the famous train has not won the vote and is the one that saves the results of the leaner.

In revealing these figures, Reed Hastings and Netflix may want to be transparent. A probable answer to the questions raised by some critics who were able to see in this succession of multiple-choice questions as a means to target a little more of our choices in order to refine the algorithms, or communicate such information to partner brands. One side of a paradox when we know that Black Mirror owes its reputation to the warning regular of technological change on our societies.

Ted Sarandos, head of content on Netflix, can celebrate the success of the experience Bandersnatch and begin to envision a future for future stories interactive, stating that several authors “salivaient” already on the new opportunities that were available to them. The only question for the managers of the firm is to know if the success depends on the experience itself or the fact that it worked particularly well with the universe of Black Mirror . Ted Sarandos has “a hunch that it could work with different types of stories, “and that” some of the greatest authors seemed inclined to address “. Netflix has developed its own computer program to facilitate the creation of different branches of narrative. There is little doubt that the experience will be renewed in one form or another. Check out all the easter eggs and winks to the previous episodes of Black Mirror : See the slide show slide show Black Mirror Bandersnatch : all the easter eggs and winks to previous episodes and 10 photos

9-1-1 : M6 unveils a teaser with bated breath for the new series of Ryan Murphy [EXCLUDED]
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Teaser Just a gigolo : Olivier Baroux transforms Kad Merad in playboy on the decline

While the star of “a’s arrested Development” and “How to kill his Boss” celebrates 50 years today, remember his first role on television in… “the Little house on The prairie”. FAMEFLYNET / BESTIMAGE / Universal Pictures Star of the large and small screen career as long as the arm, Jason Bateman, which today celebrates its fiftieth anniversary, has shown through his roles in comedy hits such as How to kill his Boss or Game Night. Interpreter voice main Disney Zootopie, it takes mostly the leading role of the comedy series’s arrested Development now for 5 seasons. But did you know that at the age of 11 years, he had made his first steps on television in another hit series ? It was in 1980, on the set of Little house on The prairie, during the filming of The last chance, episode 21 of season 7. Charles Ingalls and Albert were the helpless witnesses of a terrible accident in the cart that caused the death of a couple of farmers, a father and a mother of two children. Now orphans, the young, James and Cassandra were finally adopted by the family Ingalls, becoming two new main characters of the series over the course of the following episodes. Cassandra, the younger sister, was interpreted by Missy Francis, who has not really been a career. And James, the big brother, so it was Jason Bateman. While at the time, he was only appeared in an advertisement for the cereal Golden Grahams, comedian in grass lived there his first moments as an actor. Memories that seem to have left a lasting impression, as he confided still in interview for Variety in August 2017 : “This troupe of actors have known each other since Bonanza, and how they functioned was very family-friendly,” he told. “It was a warm place, I kept the memory during the years that followed, when I arrived on trays that worked less well. Michael Landon [note : the interpreter of Charles Ingalls and creator of the series] was someone who had a huge influence on me, in his way of directing this plateau as a director, producer, screenwriter and actor. It was a sort of father figure for me. He was the George Clooney of the time : the whole team loved it, the industry loved him, guys wanted to be like him and women wanted to be with him.” On the occasion of its 50 years, (re)discover the interview Fun Fact: Jason Bateman… #Fun Facts Emissions Bonus

A Plane without It (M6) : that think the release of the adaptation of Michel Bussi with Bruno Solo ?
Umbrella Academy, a series of super-hero is not like the others ?

Podium tight for the first sessions in paris : “My Life with John F. Donovan” by Xavier Dolan takes the lead, closely followed by the comedies “the Rebels” and “My Baby”. Check out the complete table. Shayne Laverdière RangFilmEntrées*Number of copies*Average per copy*1 My life with John F. Donovan 1 645 26 63 2 Rebels 1 543 20 77 3 My baby 1 405 25 59 4 Convoy exceptional 1 081 15 72 5 Dragon Ball Super Broly 713 11 65 6 Aïlo : an odyssey in Lapland 279 11 25 7 The witnesses of Lendsdorf 238 8 30 8 McQueen 65 1 65 9 Rosie Davis 58 2 29 10 Meltem 55 1 55 11 We the Animals 26 3 9 12 Since Mediapart 15 1 15 13 The small factory of clouds 15 4 8 14 Teret 13 2 7 15 Honeymoon 9 1 9 16 Pau 4 1 4 17 Schindler’s list (reprise) 3 1 3 18 Wall 3 1 3 remember : My Life with John F. Donovan , the new film by Xavier Dolan starts less strong than Just the end of the world, presented in competition at Cannes in 2016 : this movie had brought together more than 2900 followers of the filmmaker to the first screenings in paris. Rebel , directed by Allan Mauduit, co-director of Wicked, is better than the comedy carried by Marilou Berry, who had recorded 1046 entries in the first sessions in 2008. 10 years after LOL, Lisa Azuelos has created a new family comedy, My baby , cradled in the continuity of this success to the director. The film carried by Sandrine Kiberlain starts a little less well than LOL, by uniting 1405 spectators, compared to 1975 (19 copies) for LOL in 2009. Finally, Bertrand Blier is at the foot of the podium with Exceptional Convoy , his new feature film after The Noise of the ice in 2010. Exceptional convoy is less with 1081 curious counter 1637 to his previous film. Our meeting with Kit Harington for the release of the new film by Xavier Dolan, My Life with John F. Donovan : Kit Harington on John F Donovan : "With Xavier Dolan, you really need to let go" Source : CBO Box-Office

False Joint : the blunders and errors of Unbreakable & Split
Tonight on tv : matt "the daughter of The 14th of July", it zaps "Alien : Covenant"

In march, “The Mysteries of Love”, the emblematic series of TF1 will celebrate the broadcast of its 500th episode. And for the occasion, the channel has posted a trailer for the original, tracing the story of our couples in the headlights… On Saturday, 19 march at 19: 50, TMC will broadcast the 500th episode of the Mysteries of Love, its flagship program, with Hélène Rolles, Patrick Puydebat and Elsa Esnoult. Has the antenna from the February 12, 2011, it is the third series derived from Hélène and the Boys, after The Miracle of love and The Holiday of love, which focuses this time on the stories of heart of Hélène, Nicolas, Christian and others, so that they are approaching the age of forty. And during those 8 years and 20 seasons, a lot, but then a lot of things have happened, as is amused at the TF1 group, in a trailer offset : #Evenement
The Mysteries of Love : the 500eme episode, Saturday, march 16 19.50 @TMCtv 🍾

Check out the trailer recap ⤵️ #LMDLA pic.twitter.com/IOz48NVNI1 TF1 — Pro (@TF1Pro) 6 march 2019 on the occasion of this episode very special, we will see Leah (Manon Schraen) attempt to reason with Nicky (Valentin Byls), and do everything to save him, while, on his side, Jimmy (Tom Schacht), still very concerned about the state of Sophie (Charlene Francis), will take the band to the hospital for support. Finally Fanny, following her concert, is aware of its success.

Fabien Onteniente on All Inclusive : "With Franck Dubosc, it is a bit like Souchon and Voulzy, but in the bullshit !"
Tomorrow belongs to us : what awaits you in episode 407 of Monday, February 25, 2019 [SPOILERS]

France 2 disrupts the programming of the grid in the evening of this Sunday, January 27, in proposing “The young girls of Rochefort” (21h) and “The Thomas Crown Affair” (22h45) in place of “The Revenant” and “Kill Bill 2”. France 2 pays tribute to Michel Legrand, disappeared on Saturday 26 January 2019 at the age of 86 years, transforming its programs to the evening of 27 January. The public channel has chosen to broadcast The young girls of Rochefort and The Thomas Crown Affair in, respectively, 21 and 22: 45. The two films initially planned, The Revenant and Kill Bill vol 2, so are déprogrammés. Arte shakes also its table and broadcasts The Umbrellas of Cherbourg at 21h. The trailer for the Umbrellas of Cherbourg : The Umbrellas of Cherbourg trailer VF

For his new feature film, Danny Boyle takes us to a world where the Beatles never existed. A young man who remembers the band becomes a phenomenon when he decides to exploit their tubes. Check out the trailer for Yesterday. And if the Beatles had never existed ? If John, Paul, George and Ringo had never met ? If they had not written the most beautiful pieces of history, forever changed music and influenced the groups most cults which succeeded them ? It is this unthinkable point of departure that was born Yesterday, the new feature film from Danny Boyle. In the same way as Jean-Philippe, Yesterday follows a man who seems to be the only one to remember that the Beatles existed. Unlike Fabrice Luchini who will seek to put a hand on Johnny Hallyday to make it go up on stage, the young musician English will be the most famous songs of the quartet to break through. Capture d'display A reference to the last concert of the Beatles on the roof of Apple Records As you can see in the trailer, the aesthetic is very “Yellow Submarine”, the film tells primarily the behind the scenes of a meteoric rise. That of an illustrious stranger, who becomes the darling of the record industry and the darling of fans around the world. A true Beatlemania solo and at the hour of social networks. Written by the prominent and music-lover Richard Curtis – director of rock n roll Good Morning England is now on the cover of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band reconstructed by the artist Peter Blake in 2012 – Yesterday marked the fourth fiction developed around the Beatles. The latest being the outrageous musical comedy Across the Universe, released in 2007. Led by Himesh Patel, Lily James and Kate McKinnon, Yesterday if also offers the services of Ed Sheeran in his own role. Immerse yourself in a world without the Beatles on July 3.

A study conducted by the MPAA on the Box Office american of the year 2018 reveals a vintage rather flat, saved by a few rebounds, such as “Black Panther” or “The Incredibles 2″… And stresses the great importance of Netflix. Marvel According to a study commissioned by The Entertainment Industry Trade Group the MPAA, which is for the memory of the Motion Picture Association of America, that is to say, the body of classification of films in the United States, the results of the Box-Office US to the year 2018 are not large financial returns, but rather half-hearted. Thus, the BO-US has benefited from a rebound fueled by blockbuster movies such as Black Panther or the Incredibles 2, allowing ticket sales to jump by 7% and report 11.9 billion $. The business (global) of the Entertainment has registered an increase of 16%, which has helped to bring back last year in the United States 55,7 billion $. But it is an increase that can be explained according to the study, thanks to the market’s digital, whether it be rentals, sales, or streaming services such as Netflix. Thus, the domestic market of digital has increased by 24% to reach $ 17.5 billion $. At the international level underlines the study, these sales amounted to 25.1 billion $. Figures that seem to offset the very sharp decline in consumption on physical media such as DVD or Blu-ray. Because in the United States, sales are in freefall : -15%. Four years ago, physical sales weighed still 10.3 billion $ in the United States, where they weigh now more than 5.8 billion $. During this same period, consumer spending on digital has increased by 170% overall. This impressive increase is mainly due to platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime or other services. For the first time, the study notes, the number of subscriptions to online subscriptions to these platforms has exceeded the subscriptions to Cable channels. With the collapse of sales of physical media, the Majors have sought to encourage consumers to buy the movies in digital version. Except that these latter have not really applied the instruction to the letter… According to the study, they clearly prefer to forage on the content distributed by streaming via Netflix, rather than practice the act of purchase “a la carte” of a film. A figure that does not lie : the number of subscriptions jumped from 28% in 2018, to report $ 13.3 billion $, where purchases and rentals to the act have dropped by 5%, to report (still) $ 10 billion. In all cases of results that do not fall straightforwardly point to Disney, the new entity WarnerMedia and Comcast, who prepare it in their pipes just new platforms of VOD as a way of countering the giant Netflix. We may recall in this respect the recent remarks of Barry Diller, former CEO of Fox studios and Paramount. Invited last February in a Podcast titled Recode Decode , the person delivered a diagnosis is straightforward : “Those who run after Netflix are stupid. Netflix has won the battle. I believe that nobody can compete with their subscribers, which provides a huge domination”. And this is also true according to Diller for the competitor of Netflix, Amazon Prime, “which has not been designed to bid as aggressively as Netflix on the stars of tomorrow”.