Box-Office US 2018 : a study shows mixed results and the surge in massive from Netflix

A study conducted by the MPAA on the Box Office american of the year 2018 reveals a vintage rather flat, saved by a few rebounds, such as “Black Panther” or “The Incredibles 2″… And stresses the great importance of Netflix. Marvel According to a study commissioned by The Entertainment Industry Trade Group the MPAA, which is for the memory of the Motion Picture Association of America, that is to say, the body of classification of films in the United States, the results of the Box-Office US to the year 2018 are not large financial returns, but rather half-hearted. Thus, the BO-US has benefited from a rebound fueled by blockbuster movies such as Black Panther or the Incredibles 2, allowing ticket sales to jump by 7% and report 11.9 billion $. The business (global) of the Entertainment has registered an increase of 16%, which has helped to bring back last year in the United States 55,7 billion $. But it is an increase that can be explained according to the study, thanks to the market’s digital, whether it be rentals, sales, or streaming services such as Netflix. Thus, the domestic market of digital has increased by 24% to reach $ 17.5 billion $. At the international level underlines the study, these sales amounted to 25.1 billion $. Figures that seem to offset the very sharp decline in consumption on physical media such as DVD or Blu-ray. Because in the United States, sales are in freefall : -15%. Four years ago, physical sales weighed still 10.3 billion $ in the United States, where they weigh now more than 5.8 billion $. During this same period, consumer spending on digital has increased by 170% overall. This impressive increase is mainly due to platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime or other services. For the first time, the study notes, the number of subscriptions to online subscriptions to these platforms has exceeded the subscriptions to Cable channels. With the collapse of sales of physical media, the Majors have sought to encourage consumers to buy the movies in digital version. Except that these latter have not really applied the instruction to the letter… According to the study, they clearly prefer to forage on the content distributed by streaming via Netflix, rather than practice the act of purchase “a la carte” of a film. A figure that does not lie : the number of subscriptions jumped from 28% in 2018, to report $ 13.3 billion $, where purchases and rentals to the act have dropped by 5%, to report (still) $ 10 billion. In all cases of results that do not fall straightforwardly point to Disney, the new entity WarnerMedia and Comcast, who prepare it in their pipes just new platforms of VOD as a way of countering the giant Netflix. We may recall in this respect the recent remarks of Barry Diller, former CEO of Fox studios and Paramount. Invited last February in a Podcast titled Recode Decode , the person delivered a diagnosis is straightforward : “Those who run after Netflix are stupid. Netflix has won the battle. I believe that nobody can compete with their subscribers, which provides a huge domination”. And this is also true according to Diller for the competitor of Netflix, Amazon Prime, “which has not been designed to bid as aggressively as Netflix on the stars of tomorrow”.