Trailer Yesterday Danny Boyle : and if the Beatles had never existed ?

For his new feature film, Danny Boyle takes us to a world where the Beatles never existed. A young man who remembers the band becomes a phenomenon when he decides to exploit their tubes. Check out the trailer for Yesterday. And if the Beatles had never existed ? If John, Paul, George and Ringo had never met ? If they had not written the most beautiful pieces of history, forever changed music and influenced the groups most cults which succeeded them ? It is this unthinkable point of departure that was born Yesterday, the new feature film from Danny Boyle. In the same way as Jean-Philippe, Yesterday follows a man who seems to be the only one to remember that the Beatles existed. Unlike Fabrice Luchini who will seek to put a hand on Johnny Hallyday to make it go up on stage, the young musician English will be the most famous songs of the quartet to break through. Capture d'display A reference to the last concert of the Beatles on the roof of Apple Records As you can see in the trailer, the aesthetic is very “Yellow Submarine”, the film tells primarily the behind the scenes of a meteoric rise. That of an illustrious stranger, who becomes the darling of the record industry and the darling of fans around the world. A true Beatlemania solo and at the hour of social networks. Written by the prominent and music-lover Richard Curtis – director of rock n roll Good Morning England is now on the cover of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band reconstructed by the artist Peter Blake in 2012 – Yesterday marked the fourth fiction developed around the Beatles. The latest being the outrageous musical comedy Across the Universe, released in 2007. Led by Himesh Patel, Lily James and Kate McKinnon, Yesterday if also offers the services of Ed Sheeran in his own role. Immerse yourself in a world without the Beatles on July 3.