The Mysteries of Love : Hélène and Nicolas are celebrating the 500th episode with a trailer shifted

In march, “The Mysteries of Love”, the emblematic series of TF1 will celebrate the broadcast of its 500th episode. And for the occasion, the channel has posted a trailer for the original, tracing the story of our couples in the headlights… On Saturday, 19 march at 19: 50, TMC will broadcast the 500th episode of the Mysteries of Love, its flagship program, with Hélène Rolles, Patrick Puydebat and Elsa Esnoult. Has the antenna from the February 12, 2011, it is the third series derived from Hélène and the Boys, after The Miracle of love and The Holiday of love, which focuses this time on the stories of heart of Hélène, Nicolas, Christian and others, so that they are approaching the age of forty. And during those 8 years and 20 seasons, a lot, but then a lot of things have happened, as is amused at the TF1 group, in a trailer offset : #Evenement
The Mysteries of Love : the 500eme episode, Saturday, march 16 19.50 @TMCtv 🍾

Check out the trailer recap ⤵️ #LMDLA TF1 — Pro (@TF1Pro) 6 march 2019 on the occasion of this episode very special, we will see Leah (Manon Schraen) attempt to reason with Nicky (Valentin Byls), and do everything to save him, while, on his side, Jimmy (Tom Schacht), still very concerned about the state of Sophie (Charlene Francis), will take the band to the hospital for support. Finally Fanny, following her concert, is aware of its success.

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